Live Different: If Steve Jobs Translated the Beatitudes

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Live Different

Yesterday, kind of out of nowhere, I started imagining how Steve Jobs would have translated Jesus’ Beatitudes. It’s based on Apple’s iconic “Think Different” advertising campaign from the late 1990s. Those ads featured black-and-white photos of rebels and misfits like Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Jim Henson, Albert Einstein, and many others, along with the words “Think different.” The TV spots, narrated by Richard Dreyffus, began with the memorable line, “Here’s to the crazy ones…” Here is that one-minute commercial:



And this is how I imagined Steve Jobs translating Jesus’ revolutionary words from the Sermon on the Mount. (I even imagined what a new video would look like — this one featuring images of Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Oscar Romero, and other heroes who were “crazy” enough to follow hard after Jesus.) I think of it as the “Live Different” campaign. I can’t format this post the way I want to in WordPress, so I have included an image at the bottom of this post.


Live Different


Here’s to the weak ones.

The outcasts.

The broken.

The peacemakers.

The ragamuffin royalty who will inherit a new world.


The ones who see God through open eyes and open hearts.


They don’t long for power.

And they have no respect for status.


You can insult them, spread lies about them,

disbelieve, vilify or persecute them.

About the only thing you can’t do is dishearten them.


Because God is changing them, they change things.


They comfort.     They show mercy.     They heal.

They mourn with those who mourn.     They love.


They are filled to overflowing with goodness.

And while some may see them as the weak ones,

I say they are blessed.


Because the people who give up everything to follow me in this life,

will get it all back and more in the next.


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  1. Scott Kinder-Pyle
    | Reply

    Wouldn’t mr jobs, given his driven nature, be impatient in the midst of metaphor, and ultimately believe the Beatitudes are a waste of time?

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