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"Slow Church is a manifesto and handbook rolled into one. Unlike most manifestos, it is beautifully written, blending historical analysis, personal narrative, and scriptural exegesis into prose that is languid, incisive, and eloquent. It reads like what it is: the long, patient fruit of two men deeply rooted in a particular place, among neighbors they know, love, and serve..."

"They are questions worth lingering over, even for those who are content with their current ways of being a part of the church, for they invite everyone to a deeper enjoyment of and engagement with the often-strange experience that is church."

"For inspiration you may find yourself returning to this gracefully written ode to God's wonders close at hand, with its vision for individuals and faith communities to savor that goodness and more fully incarnate Christ's love, wherever we have been called to be."


Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus is inspired by the language and philosophy of the Slow Food and other Slow movements to rethink the ways in which we share life together in our church communities. 

Just as Slow Food offers a pointed critique of industrialized food cultures and agricultures, Slow Church can help us unmask our industrialized approaches to church. 

Slow Church roots us in the pace and place of our neighborhoods. It also spurs our imaginations with a rich vision of the holistic, interconnected, and abundant life together to which God has called us.

Since the book was released, we've been able to speak in dozens of venues, including backyards and living rooms, colleges and universities, churches, and conferences -- including the Slow Money Conference, where we shared the stage with the founder of Slow Money, the president of Slow Food USA, and an executive from Slow Food Italy. 

Slow Church is being used in college classrooms, and it is now one of the five “books in common” incoming students have to read at Fuller Seminary, the largest evangelical seminary in the country.

Slow Church received a coveted starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, as well as glowing, feature-length reviews in the print editions of Sojourners, Christian Century, Christianity Today, and Books & Culture. It was also the subject of a wire-service article syndicated in the Washington Post, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Huffington Post, and many other North American and European publications.

An audio edition of the book was released in February 2016. A Slow Church Study Guide was released in May 2016.


"A wholesomely sustainable, spiritually alluring and thoroughly kingdom-centric church that is simply fulfilling its purpose of God's grace. I just have to join in!"

Alan Hirsch Author, Activist, Dreamer

"This beautifully crafted book offers perceptive analyses, asks crucial questions and provides gracious wisdom for finding ways to live more fully attentive to God and to our particular time and place." 

Walter Brueggemann Professor, Columbia Theological Seminary

"One of the freshest alternatives to church life as it is today. Buy this, but don't read it fast. Read it slow."

Scot McKnight Author, "Jesus Creed"

Christine Pohl Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary

"This thoughtful, discerning book advocates 'slow' in faith and in life -- a recognition that faith is a practice of relational fidelity that cannot be reduced to contractual or commodity transaction...Readers eager for an evangelically paced life will play close attention to this advocacy."

"There is a better, freer and more hope-filled way than frenetic ministry and exhausted lives. It sees slow not as lazy or bad but as rich and meaningful. This book challenges us to savor -- not devour -- the blessings of God in the midst of community."

J.R. Briggs Pastor/Cultural Cultivator, The Renew Community

"As a pastor, I lingered over the words of Slow Church with delight, as they inspired me and made me welcome what we might become."

Carol Howard Merritt Author, "Healing Spiritual Wounds"

"At long last, a book I relish giving away to the vast number of people longing for an alternative between 'McDonald's Church' and the end of church altogether."

Paul Sparks Coauthor, "The New Parish"

"A hopeful vision of the future, rooted in the Christian gospel, that provides a comprehensive orientation for pursuing a more integrative path." 

Mark Scandrette Author, "Free" and "Practicing the Way of Jesus"

"Read it with friends and then be prepared to discover the grit and the grace that make life together a foretaste of the kingdom of God."

"It's a call to the simple goodness of life -- made possible with God in community and neighborhood."

David Fitch Author, "The Great Giveaway" and "Faithful Presence"

Norman Wirzba Professor, Duke Divinity School


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